An Interesting Trip to Singapore and their Lovely Botanic Garden

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flower-arcs-singapore-botanicalA while back I went to Singapore as one of the just because trips, just kidding I was there on business, but since I was there anyway I decided to enjoy myself. The whole trip was quite a fun one, the food was interesting, aside from the free hotel food paid for by the business expense budget, I also had tried the local, let’s say street food, and a lot of them were delicious and most of them was… well unique. I had a lot of fun at the sea aquarium which I do have to talk about, but what I would like to talk about now is the beautiful “Singapore Botanic Gardens”.

The entrance had quite a grand gate with “Singapore Botanic Gardens” on it, you can’t miss it! The place is apparently a UNESCO world heritage site, which is cool and the reason why is quite obvious. It was an amazing experience, it was so amazing that I will definitely go again if I am ever in the country. The place is also easy to go around and finding the places you wanted to go to was easy because of the maps and multilingual signs. I got to a place I think it was called Swan Lake, and from the name you know you would find swans there, a pleasant surprise though was the turtles, I saw people feed something in the water, I thought it was koi or something but when I got closer it was an amazing group of turtles(or whatever you call a bunch of them), quite adorable for reptiles.

I later reached and area (side note I am more of an explorer so I often just go singapore-botanical-garden-gatearound not really knowing where I am) which had a large area where a few people were dancing, and exercise group maybe, and it was quite wonderful how the place was utilized that way. In my city’s botanical garden, you might be able to do that (not really sure), but people don’t.

After a few minutes of walking around, admiring all the beautiful plants, I reached an area with a waterfall (the first of many I encountered), you could go through some sort of passage where you can see the outside from in the waterfall. I had wished that I had my camera, but I only went to the botanical garden to kill time while I wait for an associates call, my phones cam kind of sucks.

A few minutes more of walking I found this small group of people headed to the “Cool House”, which I think (I might be wrong here, but I am fairly certain) was the rain forest habitat, there was a loud waterfall and things were quite moist in the area. I saw some orchids which one of the people in the crowd called a waling-waling, though I am not certain if that is correct.

As I exit the enclosure, happy with my experience, I had decided to go through the whole park and actually read up everything, actually learn stuff! Besides, since I still didn’t get the call the meeting was probably pushed to- And then my phone rang… I had planned to go back to the botanical garden but unfortunately things just got busy after that day. If you are ever in Singapore, don’t make the same mistake as me, explore the garden and enjoy your time there.

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