My Pest Control Dilemma

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bridgeI have to say this before I start, I am not a rich person, the reason I had to say that first is that I had to make sure you wouldn’t mistakenly thing that my financial standing is really good when I tell you that I have a personal Botanical Garden at Home. The thing is I love different kinds of plants, so much so that I spent a good amount of my savings to converting a portion of my house into a greenhouse where I keep and grow different kind of plants I can get my hands on. But then something terrible happened…

One night I noticed an unbearable feeling when trying to sleep, the day after I discovered through the help of professionals that I had bed bugs. Living in Portland it was already a challenge to find a affordable bed bugs exterminator, but it became even more challenging because they told me that they would need to tent my entire house, including the botanical garden section. This was bad as most of the plants I was able to acquire were a bit sensitive to chemicals, and with the regular guys, I was certain that they use some the cheap strong kind. Finding an ecofriendly exterminator with the right tools for the specific job I needed done was incredibly challenging.

You would think that companies that uses “Natural” or “ecofriendly” chemicals would be cheaper, but you would be wrong, at least I was. Finding the right guys took a lot of time, it would have been far simpler if my greenhouse was detached from the house, but I just had to envision my like a 17th century aristocratic scientist who walks in with a cup of tea to the botanical section of the house.

After searching and asking people, I found a few that were affordable, it was hard to ask for a good price with my house looking like I make a lot of money, but I was able to connect with one of the companies who had a botanical enthusiast like me, even though she wasn’t part of the exterminating group she came along to see the greenhouse/botanical garden.  I was able to get a good price and she even helped me with a few of the needed preparations for the whole treatment. In the end I was able to get my house treated with little damage to the plants.


Lesson to be learned

If you ever have the extra money for a greenhouse, I recommend it to be detached from your house just in case something like this comes up. It was a difficult situation for me, as the plants I spent money on and carefully tended to be put in danger, I almost even considered living with the bedbugs. I was fortunate to find someone that was able to help me, but before that it was a complete and utter nightmare. So unless you are absolutely wealthy, don’t do what I did, and play safe when making decisions like these.

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