Why A Garden Wedding Is A Good Idea

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Wedding celebrations always make me feel all mushy inside especially when the venue is a beautiful garden. Nature is just a fantastic feature. We always see flowers used as wedding decors. So why not have it in a garden where flowers are plenty?

Gardens provide that whimsical and intimate environment that is just so romantic to see. There are also some gardens that have a magnificent sunset view. It would be a treat for the couple and their guests.

Gardens also offer open spaces and abundant natural lighting. The wedding celebration will always have a lovely background. Oh! Not just background, you have a whole place surrounded by nothing but beauty and nature. Think about the gorgeous wedding pictures you’ll have!

Several gardens in Utah have opened their doors to hosting wedding celebrations. Wedding receptions held in the garden give a feeling of intimacy and lightness. The gardens could also serve as your wedding ceremony venue if there are no religious restrictions of having the ceremony outdoors. Think of yourself walking down the aisle on a white carpet with Mother Nature all around you.

Aside from the regular aisle carpets, I have seen a beautiful trend of using personalized carpet for weddings. These personal carpets have the initials or the customized design of the bride and groom. You might feel worried about destroying the carpet when you place it on top of the grass or perhaps a playful flower girl will stain it. Don’t worry! The carpet cleaners in Atlanta can remove the stain from your carpets in a jiffy.

I worked with a garden venue in Utah a few months ago, and I couldn’t help but ask the manager how they keep their wedding aisle carpets clean. Without explaining further, they just gave me the website of the carpet cleaning service they hired. Like it was meant to be, I suddenly needed a carpet cleaner for my home after a few days. The garden manager’s recommendation was superb. So don’t fret about having your carpet stained at your wedding. The professionals can do an excellent job in making it look good as new again.

If you are also worried about bugs, you can keep them at bay by hiring an exterminator to spray the garden at least two days before your wedding day. You can also check with the venue manager about their pest control activities.

The rainy weather should also not stop you from having your dream wedding. There are tents that you can rent to provide shade from the elements. Some venues have a gazebo or a patio that they can reserve for you in case the weather gets a little rough on your big day.

For sure, your wedding festivities can go on the wee hours. The garden’s beauty will not dull even at night. Most gardens are now strategically lighted to give everyone a different view after the sun sets. Your wedding stylist can also add more mood lights to make it extra special.

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