Though Urdu Poetry is an extremely complex issue which manifests itself in a number of different kinds, you will find specific simple ingredients which characterize every Urdu poetry. We’ll now check out how a simple Urdu poem is structured and also familiarize ourselves with several of its basic ingredients.

In Urdu Poetry, a poem generally takes the type of a ghazal. A ghazal is a set of several couplets, called “ashaar”, which follow the rules of “bahar”, “maqta”, “matla”, “radeef”, & “qafiya”. Each couplet, or perhaps “sher” express a single concept and can stand by itself. To know how the common Urdu poem is organized, it’s essential you know what each of these 5 terms refers to.


In Urdu Poetry, “bahar” represents the length, or the meter, of a couplet. Each and every line of a couplet should have exactly the same bahar as the other person. Additionally, each and every couplet in a ghazal need to have identical bahar. Urdu Poetry uses nineteen different kinds of bahar which could be classified into short, long meters, and medium.


Radeef in Urdu Poetry describes exactly the same phrase or word which is repeated at the conclusion of the next line of any couplet. Remember that the radeef are generally the exact, exact same words for each ghazal.


Matla in Urdu Poetry describes the very first couplet in a ghazal. Both collections of a ghazal’s matla should stop in the radeef.


Traditionally, poets of Urdu Poetry normally use pen names that are named Takhallus. The takhallus is generally incorporated into the final couplet of the poem as a signature type. The final couplet of a ghazal which has the takhallus is known as the “maqta”.


The “qafiya” describes the rhyming design which can be used just prior to the radeef at the conclusion of every couplet. The qafiya is essential on the performance of each and every Urdu poem, even once the other rules aren’t adhered to.

Now you realize what every one of the 5 phrases refers to, we switch our focus on how they govern an Urdu poem’s building. For starters, every couplet of any ghazal is going to have a different design from all of the other couplets within the same ghazal. Next, all the couplets of any ghazal need to have identical bahar. Each and every couplet in a ghazal should also stop in similar radeef and utilize the same qafiya. Every Urdu poem carries a matla but many may not possess a maqta.

Like with many rules, additionally, there is a selection of exceptions:

o There are several ghazals which don’t contain radeef.

o Sometimes, the ashaar of any ghazal is going to have an identical design.

o Modern Urdu Poetry is less strict with the aid of bahar than in previous times.

In case you’re experiencing a bit of confused, know that that’s completely natural. It’s entirely understandable if you do not get it the very first time you read it. Take a deep breath a shot to gradually digest the info. It actually is a great deal simpler than you think.

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