Botanic Gardens are a relaxing feature of the community. We are proud that we have our own botanic garden here in Denver. It features North America’s largest collection of plants from cold temperate climates around the world. It also showcases seven diverse gardens that include plants from Colorado and neighboring states.

We could have our own botanic garden right at the comfort of our homes. Potted plants can serve as a mini garden for homes with tight spaces. However, we need to be extra careful because our gardens could attract pests into our homes.

Natural pest control is a socially responsible and environment-friendly way to control pests.  There are pest control companies that advocate the natural way to address pest problems. They use natural-based insecticides and mechanical devices in their pest control activities. They also educate their clients on proper pest prevention.

Knowledge in pest prevention is the first step in pest control. We need to be proactive and not wait for the pest to come in our house before we take action. It is important to stop them before they infest our house. We can do this by identifying potential entry holes that will let the pests come into the house from our garden. Be wary of pest droppings, nesting rubble and stains as these signify presence of pests within the yard. Take note of the identified areas in your house and make sure to seal those entry points.

We also need to dispose food scraps and dirt properly so that the pests can’t have a food supply. We should fix leaky faucets and pipes because damp and dark areas are conducive environment for pests. If you will notice, most pests are found thriving in the kitchen and bathrooms cabinets. In addition, make sure that garden waste is properly disposed to eliminate possible breeding grounds for pests. Keeping your surroundings clean is pest prevention in itself.

Sometimes, use of pesticides cannot be avoided especially when the house is already infested. Avoid traditional pesticides because they are highly toxic. These pesticides should never be used if there are kids living in your house to prevent harmful effects on their young and developing bodies. You may opt for pesticides with reduced toxicity. Some pesticides are even organic and natural-based. Consider choosing a socially responsible pest control company in Denver that offers natural pest management solutions.

Mechanical and pesticide-free alternatives such as traps and general pest proofing materials could be used, too. Pest proofing is done by installing screens, door sweeps and caulking.  Barriers and repellents also keep pests away from your house. They act like walls that prevent crawling insects from going into the house. Plants such as peppermint and pennyroyal are samples of a barrier that naturally deter ants.

Beneficial insects, like lady beetles and praying mantis, can also be introduced to the garden. These insects can prey on the pests. Although these insects are beneficial, you still need to ensure the right balance of organisms in the garden. It is highly advisable that you perform additional research or seek the advice of a master gardener to ensure that you pick the right beneficial insect for your garden.