So you are thinking of traveling around the world, if you are then you should visit all the places that can show you the most of what the country you are visiting offers. For plant life of the region, the best place to see all of them are botanical gardens. There should be at least one of them in most countries you visit, but if you would like to know which ones are known to be the best, then you came to the right article, her are a few of the best botanical gardens in the world.

1.) Brooklyn Botanical Garden 

If you are looking for a botanical garden close to the city with the best best Chinese Food in the world, then Brooklyn botanical garden is for you. Founded in 1910, the place has a few good exhibits including three pavilions, each with different climates for different plant species.

2.) Singapore Botanical Garden 

A bit farther away from home, this beautiful 183 acre park, is said to be the best in the world by many, with it twenty thousand different orchids, countless plant exhibits, and even wild animal life, they might be right.

3.)  Jardim Botânico 

At South America we find a beautiful botanical garden, at the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. With its wonderful Six thousand five hundred species of plants in the park, which lies at the foot of the mountain, it’s just more than a garden, it is truly nature.

4.) Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum 

Leave it to the Germans to make something so well executed. The wonderful garden was founded the same year as the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (1910), The garden boasts a whopping Twenty-two thousand species of plant life, and aside from a botanical garden it is also a botanical museum, giving us more info on the history and evolution of the plants.

5.) Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden 

We’ve been to Asia, North and South America, it’s about time for little visit to South Africa. This beautiful national botanical garden only cultivates indigenous plants. So if you want to see plants that can only be found in South Africa, you don’t need to explore the whole continent, just go to the park at the foot of Table Mountain at Cape Town, better known as Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, a wonderful wondrous place.

Well, let’s stop there for now… Why you ask? Well, if you are really making plans to go around the world then this list will allow you to visit most of the continents of the world, which is pretty much enough for one trip around the world. Don’t let your mind overload and make yourself rush and not truly feel and experience the beauty of these gardens. If you are in too much of hurry to see everything you will end up seeing nothing. The old phrase “stop to smell the flowers” can apply here, and quite literally too.